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Spartan Race Sydney

We’ll be the first to say it. The Spartan Race is HARD. But totally worth it. It’ll push you to your limits, test your physical and mental strength and leave you exhausted (but smiling)!

Not sure if it’s for you? Here are our top five reasons why you should do the next Spartan Race:

You’ll get dirty
There is simply no clean way to compete in the Spartan Race! Ok, we’ll admit it. We love the thought of crawling through pools of mud and finishing in a complete mess. Although we actually didn’t get as dirty as we wanted to. But hey, any amount of mess works right? After crawling through the dirt with a net on top of you, tripping over your own tired legs into the mud, and heaving wet sandbags up a hill, there’s no way you won’t come out a little-scuffed up!


You’ll test your limits
Tip: Don’t accidentally enter the ‘elite’ section, like we did…! All jokes aside, the Spartan Race is actually a fantastic way to challenge yourself and see what you can do. Who knows, you might walk away realising you have a lot more arm strength than you thought! Initially, looking at some of the obstacles our reaction was “Oh no, let’s just do the 30 burpees for this one!”, but after giving it a go (and with a little help from the instructors) we figured out how to manoeuvre ourselves in order to nail it.

You’ll be motivated to finish
Once you start, you can’t back out. It’s as simple as that. The course runs in a loop like formation, so if you get to halfway and realise you can’t continue, you may as well go onwards, otherwise you’ll just be walking back the same distance. If you’re like us and find it hard to get motivated, try walking instead of running in between obstacles. Remember, this event is about you. So give everything a go, but know when your body is asking you for a break.

You’ll meet a load of people
There’s nothing like it. Sure, its a competition, but you’ll be shocked at the encouragement and motivation from others passing you along the way (we may or may not have come in last…). Some will even stop to help you if you seem to be struggling. It’s a real bonding experience with complete strangers and it’ll make you realise how important uplifting one another is when you’re exhausted… and covered in mud… and want a beer.

You’ll feel amazing afterwards
Who loves freebies? Oh, and that amazing feeling after you’ve finished the race? What’s not to love about finishing your last obstacle, and running to the finish line with complete strangers in the crowd cheering you on. And if it already wasn’t good enough, add a huge heavy medal, a T-shirt, a beer, and a protein shaker and you’ll be loving it! There’s nothing better than finishing something you thought was almost impossible! So give it a go, it’s a hell of a way to spend a Saturday.

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