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The best backpack for active people

Finding the perfect backpack is as painful as slamming your hand in the car door. Is it comfortable? Is it big enough to fit all my crap in? Can I take it anywhere? So many questions and so many options. So when STM Goods asked us to road test their new Myth range of backpacks we were sceptical to say the least.


The best backpacks to buy for active people
Myth Backpack, 28-litre, STM Goods.

So over the last month we’ve been putting our Myth 28-litre backpack through its paces, it’s be on buses, to the gym, on hikes and even went to Melbourne and Auckland as carry-on. Did it measure up? Yep! And here are five things we loved about it.

1. It fits so much in it!

Twenty-eight litres doesn’t sound a lot when you’re packing for a three-day trip to New Zealand, but this handy little back pack has so many pockets, sections and corners that we packed for our whole trip and didn’t have to worry about check-in. Plus, even if we did have check-in luggage, the backpack is designed to slip on the back of a suitcase extendable handle, so you can wheel it around easily.

2. It’s designed for working on the go

We are surgically attached to our laptops 24/7 so we loved that this backpack has a handy little laptop section inside to keep our pride and joy happy. And it’s a snug fit, so our laptop doesn’t flop about when we take it on and off our shoulders. There are cable holes throughout the backpack as well, so you can plug in chargers, headphones or anything else you might want.

3. It’s built tough for long hikes

One thing that you need for hiking is a backpack that doesn’t start to rub as soon as you start walking. This little guy has comfortable straps and a padded section so it moulds to your back, plus the bottom of the backpack is covered in tough, waterproof material; you can literally put it down in a puddle and it won’t soak through.

4. It’s perfect for the gym

Apart from being the right size, we also liked that this backpack is stylish enough to go from work to gym. It doesn’t stand out like some other backpacks and it has enough separate zipper compartments to keep our sweaty gym gear away from our laptop and wallet.

5. It stands up to Sydney’s crazy weather

If there’s one thing that Sydneysiders need it’s wet-weather gear, especially lately. And we found that the Myth bag is prepared for any weather that Sydney can throw at it. The specially-designed zippers and flaps help the rain stay out and the splash-proof material will keep everything nice and dry!

Our verdict? Overall we give the STM Goods Myth 28-litre backpack a five outta five.

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